To provide information, consultation, education and training to resolve conflict in a non-violent manner that decreases violence in all its forms and leads to harmony in the family, school, workplace, society, and inspire humanity to expand its consciousness to create Peace on earth.

Modern Science has taught us to reach the moon but we have not learned to live with our fellowmen in peace in the society. For centuries, millions have died in the clash of cultures due to misuse of ego, lack of self-control, ideological differences, war, civil riots, domestic violence, school violence, workplace violence and social crimes as people were not able to resolve interpersonal conflicts leading to violence, destruction and loss of lives.

The idea of establishing an institute for peace is to stress the need for non-violence, tolerance, full respect for human rights and fundamental freedom for all, democracy development, mutual understanding and respect for diversity as reinforcement for peace and growth of mankind.

The true vision of the institute is to provide peace education to children, remove conflicts and hatred among individuals, raise awareness to use humane and non-violent approach with others, provide moral, emotional, behavioral, educational support, and spiritual guidance to unite people from different cultures, faiths, organizations and countries to promote peace on earth. The institute can serve as a significant contributor providing leadership to diffuse crisis, create understanding, and provide options/solutions through active and attentive listening and impartial mediation, and establishing agreement, peace and harmony in the living and work environment in the world.

Gandhi Statue in Waikiki, Hawaii.
(outside honolulu zoo)

To be a creative facilitator of research of the human brain, anger and violent behavior and providing education and training along with problem solving through leadership, to create transformation in the society and establish Global Peace.

1. Organizing and facilitating education exchange program with various universities and colleges, and teaching courses to students which emphasize spiritual methods such as nonviolence, love, kindness, truthfulness, and peace and giving students diploma after completing the course and inspiring them to become a global citizen.

2. Teaching spiritual methods such as Vedic knowledge: Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, group prayer, and using Ayurveda (science of life- spiritual counseling, physical healing, herbology, astrology, and nutritional cooking classes), using alternative ways, and methods to create a balance at a mental/emotional, physical and spiritual level.

3.Teaching positive communication skills to resolve conflicts and disputes among individuals and to prevent domestic, social and workplace violence.

4. Responding to requests for providing non-violent problem solving consultation and on- site training to organizations and government officials, political, businesses, schools and social leaders or through video conferencing.

5. Providing psychological services such as consultation for conflict resolution, Individual and group counseling, behavior management training, and implementing a positive behavioral support plan.

6. Providing leadership training to school staff, teacher and students and encouraging them to establish a peaceful union through teamwork and guide them to become great citizens and leaders in the future.

7. Providing stress and anger management training to employees and leaders of organizations to prevent violence in the workplace, and counseling veterans to overcome Post-traumatic stress disorder.

The greatness of the Man was his Simplicity



Gandhi International Institute for Peace
600 Queen Street, Suite C-2,
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, U.S.A.